How to Create a Call Now Button in WordPress

As mobile devices account for approximately 48% of Internet access, it only makes sense to make things easier for those who use smartphones. This means adding a call now button to WordPress.

With a tap of a finger, potential customers have immediate access to your business. In fact, just adding a phone number to your menu on the website can directly affect your monthly net income.

From using live chat to contact forms, adding every form of communication improves interaction with various customers. This is because not everyone prefers a specific method of contact.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you five ways to add a call now button to WordPress. You can either do it with a plugin or by adding HTML coding to your site.

How to Add a Call Now Button to WordPress

Method 1: Using Call Now Button

1. Install Call Now Button

Call Now Button

Call Now Button is an easy to use plugin that is exceptionally popular among WordPress users. In just a few quick steps, you can add a tappable element to your site giving visitors a way to immediately call you.

NOTE: This plugin will only show the call now button on mobile devices. You will not see it display when using a desktop computer to configure settings.

Install and activate, “Call Now Button.”

Install Call Now Button

2. Adjust Your Call Settings

Go to Settings and click, “Call Now Button.”

Call Now Button Settings

Fill out the information for your phone number. Make sure you check the box next to, “Enabled.”

Phone Info

You can change the text of your call button to anything you’d like. Just make sure the text will fit on the button. Something simple like, “call now” or “call today!” is effective.

Click the “Save Changes” button.

Save Call Button Settings

3. Customize the Call Button with Advanced Options

If you want even more out of the plugin, you can expand the “Advanced” settings. Here is where you can customize the color, position, click tracking, size and other parts of the button itself.

I suggest taking a moment to familiarize yourself with this screen and create a custom appearance for the site.

Call Now Button Advanced

Method 2: Using Quick Call Button

1. Install Quick Call Button

Quick Call Button

Quick Call Button is another great click-to-call WordPress plugin.

NOTE: Although the plugin states it supports desktop and laptop visibility, I cannot seem to get it to work right. In fact, the button doesn’t show on the developer’s demo site either. This might be something they will patch in a future version.

However, the Quick Call Button works flawlessly on mobile devices.

Install and activate, “Quick Call Button.”

Install Quick Call Button

2. Adjust the Settings of Quick Call

Go to Settings and click, “Quick Call Button.”

Quick Call Settings

In this screen, you can control the size of the button, the position, colors and even add visual effects to catch the eye.

Customize Button

When you’re done customizing the button, click “Save Changes” on the bottom.

Save Quick Call Settings

Method 3: Adding WhatsApp Me

1. Install WhatsApp Me

WhatsApp Me

WhatsApp is a very popular format of Internet texting and calling. As it’s used around the world, it’s a great solution if your business reaches more than just your local consumers.

And it’s easy to add to your website as a form of communication.

WhatsApp me gives your visitors a way to message or call you from the WordPress website.

Install and activate, “WhatsApp me.”

Install WhatsApp Me

2. Adjust the Settings for WhatsApp Me

Go to Settings and click, “WhatsApp me.”

Whats App Me Settings

In the “General” tab, input your WhatsApp info and site settings. This includes the phone number for your WhatsApp account, your call to action and the position of where the call button will show on the site.

WhatsApp Info

After clicking the “Save Changes” button when you’re done adding your info, go to the “Advanced” tab.

WhatsApp Me Advanced

3. Customize WhatsApp Me with Advanced Settings

In this screen, you can change what pages your WhatsApp call button will be displayed. By default, all pages on your site will show the button. However, you can choose which to hide should you decide to do so.

This is completely up to you depending on how you want your site to appear.

If you make any adjustments, click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom. Otherwise, your click-to-call button is already active and working.

Save WhatsApp Me

Method 4: Adding Click-to-Call HTML Code

1. Add the Click-to-Call HTML to Posts or Pages

Another method I’ll show you to add a clickable phone number in WordPress is through using HTML. It works just like a hyperlink in WordPress, only it prompts a smartphone to call the number when clicked.

To add the click-to-call HTML code, input the following:

<a href=”tel:+15551234567″>Call Us Today!</a>

Input HTML Code

Replace the “+15551234567” and the “Call Us Today” with your own phone number and anchor text of the link.

Click To Call HTML Code

One of the best things about using the HTML code is that it gives you the freedom to put it virtually anywhere in WordPress. You can put this in a post, on a page or use it in the sidebar.

Anywhere you can edit HTML, you can add a clickable phone number in WordPress.

Method 5: Adding Phone Numbers to Menu Items

1. Create a Custom Link for Your Menu

What if you want to add a call link to your custom menu bar? This is actually quite simple.

Go to your Menus screen and click, “Custom Links.”

Custom Links Menus

Add this to the URL portion:


Phone URL Code

Just make sure you change it to your own phone number.

2. Adjust Your Link Text

Add your link text to show in the menu. For this example, I’m just going to use, “Call Today!”

Add Link Text

3. Add the Call Button to Your Menu

Click the “Add to Menu” button.

Add To Menu

4. Save the Menu

Click the “Save Menu” button on the right.

Save Menu

Your call now button is ready in WordPress.

Call Now Menu

NOTE: In the menu screen, you can move the call link in any position. It works just like any other page or menu item. For instance, you can move it to the far left of the menu by making it the top item in the menu list.

Make Contact Easier

Making a phone number clickable in WordPress inspires customers to make contact. This is especially true if you target local consumers. Give them an easy method to call or message you from the website. It could vastly improve your bottom line.

What methods do you use to initiate contact from customers on your website? Do you prefer plugins or HTML coding when it comes to situations such as creating a clickable phone number in WordPress?

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