The Bolivia Rainforest Fire Has Claimed 4.2 Million Acres

Bolivia Rainforest Fire

The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest is not the only place on fire right now. It’s neighbor, Bolivia, also has a fire raging that has claimed 4.2 million acres of rainforest. This has more than doubled since two weeks ago (1.8 million acres).

While Bolivia has been actively fighting the fire, it is unable to stop it from spreading. The government has yet to declare a national disaster, but environmentalists are urging the federal government to do so.

What is Bolivia Doing?


Bolivia has thousands of firefighters, park rangers, state employees and volunteers trying to contain the fire. On top of this, the country hired a Boeing 747 supertanker to dump water on the fire.

However, unlike Brazil, Bolivia is accepting international help. Argentina has sent over firefighters, Peru sent two helicopters, and the United States has provided the firefighters with the necessary tools to contain the fire.

Unfortunately, even with all of this aid, the fires are still spreading and new ones are popping up.

Why Not Declare A National Disaster?

The main reason the government has provided for not declaring a national disaster is that the country “is not overwhelmed.” This statement came from the Bolivian Minister of Communication Manuel Canelas.

In reality, the country is doing a lot to fight the fires and should be commended for actively fighting them. They have a large force of firefighters and volunteers helping to contain the fires.

However, for two weeks, the fires have been burning strong.

Amazon Rainforest Emergency Relief Fund

During the G7 Summit, the Amazon fire came up and French President Emmanuel Macron announced an emergency fund to help the affected countries.

The Amazon Rainforest is located in 8 countries which include: Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela.  The fund will provide relief to those countries that are suffering as a result of the fires.

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